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CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | 1v1 Areny #1 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | 1v1 Areny #2 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | Retake #1 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | Retake #2 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | Retake #3 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | Public #1 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
CS:GO-[CZ/SK] | Public #2 [!ws,!knife,!gloves]
Minecraft-[CZ/SK] | Survival, economy, komunita (Locked)
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Announcement of the competition!

13. August, 2018 Author: LukyN

Dear players,

as you can already see from the last post, all July until today went on a VIP competition. This post will officially end it and let you know that more than 40 accounts have been activated VIP benefits.

In the end, we decided to give VIPs the best players of a particular category, specifically:

– The best player on the server
– The most active player on the server

We hope that players will enjoy their VIP benefits and continue to enjoy playing on our servers.

If you are not among the winners, do not despair. This contest will be repeated this month again. At this time, we will choose a different category than when you enter this contest.

Have a nice day,
for the Leadership Kawayyy.

1 year from founding!

8. July, 2018 Author: LukyN

Dear players,

a year ago this portal was established and we have incredibly moved up to that time. That’s why we would like to thank you enormously for supporting us, going to the servers, giving us suggestions how to improve the servers and last but not least, we would like to thank all the people who contributed a bit more to all the former and current administrators or other collaborators.

There’s also some news:
– fixed server crashes
– added AWP limiter in team (public)
– added songs at the end of the round (public)
– completely restarting all statistics

Also starting this day we start a competition for some of the prizes. The competition will be evaluated in several aspects that depend on how you are doing it with skill or activity.

Thank you once again for being with us!

Your NexusGaming

Server Improvement – It’s up to you!

12. May, 2018 Author: LukyN

Dear players,

the number of players playing on our servers is increasing daily and we thank you so much! We’d like to improve our servers, we’ll let you decide to what new should appear on our servers.

Write us your suggestion here what we could add, edit or remove to improve our servers what it’s all about!

Most creative proposals will be rewarded with VIP accounts.

Your NexusGaming

What is NexusGaming?


Multigaming portal

Our priority game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but we are not afraid to extend to other parts of the gaming industry. Of course there is also a voice server.


We are guided by community

We strive to meet all your suggestions and suggestions to get the best of you. We are editing servers according to you because your opinion is of interest to us!

Unmistakable gaming experience

We guarantee that if you connect to our servers, time will run faster faster and you will experience a lot of fun with others!

Top CZ/SK gaming portal

Our portal is one of the largest and most visited in the Czech and Slovak Republics, we do not lose even in Europe. So do not hesitate and join us and you!

Active and friendly admin team

Our admin team is ready to solve any problems on the servers or to communicate with you. The purpose of the punishments is not to prevent us from playing, but the correction.

Quality facilities

Our servers are hosted on high quality hardware. We are ready to add new servers in the future so we hope you will be with us!


Sophisticated system

Linked VIP system, active development plugins, banlist, statistics and much more for you every day we prepare and improve.

Work in progress

Still in development

Our gaming portal improves and improves every day. We are always preparing new and new things for you. We still have a long way to go.

You are part of NexusGaming!